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Upcoming Workshops


                               Custom Weekend Intensive for Indivdiual Couples

                                            For couples of all backgrounds and beliefs


    The Custom Weekend Intensive for Individual Couples is designed to bring the transformational

Imago practices to you in a safe and intimate setting.  This will allow you to achieve greater mastery

of a whole new way of connecting and communicating than is likely in a group process.  We will design the weekend to your needs, based on conversations with you so we can focus deeply on delivering to you the specific understandings and skills that will most benefit you at your current stage of relationship.  You may work exclusively with Andrea or Bob or both.  We will devote between five and eight hours exclusively to you over a two-day period, in our comfortable home in Los Osos, California.  We are confident this experience will send you back to your daily life far more competent at turning potential conflict into deep connection.  For more details, call Bob at 805 235 1718, or email at [email protected]




                              IMAGO COUPLES WORKSHOP:  Getting the Love You Want 


                                                               For couples of all backgrounds and beliefs


     It actually is possible to transform your relationship in a single weekend by acquiring skills that will help keep your connection vital and true for a lifetime.  This is the core gift of our Imago Couples Workshop.  We only accept a limited number of couples (maximum of twelve) so you receive the attention you deserve.  For those couples who place a premium on privacy, we offer an exclusive private presentation of the workshop.   We welcome couples of all religious and non-religious backgrounds, as well as straight and gay.     Our Saturday sessions run from  8:15 AM-7:00 PM; Sunday's from 8:15 AM to 6:30PM, with a long restful lunch break each day, so you can integrate your learning.  For high profile individual couples who place a special premium on their privacy, we offer a special version of this workshop over two days exclusively for the two of you.  Call for details (805 235 1718).


     This dynamic workshop has been delivered thousands of times around the globe.  It truly can help you transform your relationship in a single weekend.  We have lovingly crafted it to meld our own style with the work of Harville Hendrix.

     The workshop is highly participatory.  You'll spend the overwhelming majority of the two days interacting with your partner in your own relationship crucible.  This is not group therapy.  You will not be asked to share sensitive material with others attending.

     You'll have the opportunity to learn what unconscious forces brought the two of you together.

     You'll learn why the very things that initially drew you to each other now often evoke high frustration.

     You'll learn to work through conflict and frustration safely through a variety of Dialogues and other exercises developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix.  

     You'll learn how to reconnect to loving your partner the way he or she needs to be loved.

     You'll learn ways to express your own desires so your partner receives them empathetically and is more likely to love you the way you need to be loved.

     You'll learn ways to move from unconscious reaction to conscious intention with your partner.

     You'll learn ways to reconnect to the joy, romance and spirit you both long for...and keep them alive and well in your daily interactions.

     You'll learn to see your relationship as a crucible for healing and growth and leave with a practical toolkit that can serve you every day for the rest of your lives.


        Andrea and Bob live this process every day in their own relationship.  They have both been lovingly and intensively trained by senior faculty of Imago Relationships International, including founders Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.  They know how to keep you safe, coaching and teaching you through each learning opportunity.  Whether you are in a strong, satisfying relationship, one that is experiencing troubled waters, this workshop offers excellent opportunities to deepen your understanding of what intimacy is about and gain a comprehensive set of skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Though these are educational workshops, it's not uncommon for people to report these two days are worth a year of marriage, couples counseling or individual counseling. 

      Andrea and Bob give their workshops at their spacious home just a few miles outside San Luis Obispo.  The peaceful, oak-covered property is a perfect setting for exploration and connection.



To learn more about theSan Luis Obispo area:




                                  Workshop Leaders: Andrea & Bob.  The fee will be $750.00 per couple. 

                            Call now to register:  805 235 1718, or email us at:   [email protected]                              












"After 22 years of marriage and a dozen couples retreats, finally a workshop that gets to the core of it all!"



"Bob & Andrea are extremely competent, knowledgeable, warm & approachable.  I can't imagine the workshop with someone else.                               --David




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