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Help for Organizations

Between the two of them, Andrea and Bob Kamm have extensive experience working with organizations of many kinds--community, nonprofit, Olympic teams, small, medium and Fortune Five Hundred corporations. Their unique life experiences and abilities enable them to walk in two worlds simultaneously--the results-oriented day-to-day world and the inner world of the heart.  With such breadth and facility, they are able to foster breakthroughs in a variety of important areas that directly effect organizational performance and longevity:  

San Luis Relationship Institute   |   793 Higuera, Suite 3   |   San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Andrea's Email: [email protected]   |   Bob's Email: [email protected]

                              *leadership development

                              *change dynamics

                              *crisis managment

                              *conflict resolution

                              *collaboration - teamwork


                              *process improvement

                              *strategic planning


                              *organizational grieving when

                                a key person passes away.


Workshops, retreats and on-site visits are custom-designed after in-depth interviews to meet the specific needs of our clients.


   To learn how we might help your group or organization, please call or emails us:


                                                     805 235 1718



San Luis Relationship Institute    1023 Nipomo St., Suite 210    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401    805 439 0667


  Andrea's email:  [email protected]    Bob's email:  [email protected]pinstitute.com