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Clinical Art Therapy

Andrea Kamm is a Board Certified Clinical Art Therapist  (ATR).  She has studied with the top pioneers in the field and has been a practicing Art Therapist for more than twenty-five years.  


As a therapeutic modality, Clinical Art Therapy is closely related to marriage and family therapy and general mental health counseling.  It is effective with people of all ages and affiliations--children, individual adults, couples, entire families, groups and communities.  Art Therapy uses drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and other art forms to promote healing and enable a client access to deeper emotions, thoughts and feelings.


Andrea Kamm is an artist herself and deeply attuned to the psychological dynamics of the creative process.  She is experienced at choosing materials and approaches best adapted to an individual's needs.  Through careful guidance and an understanding of the personal symbols people use in telling the stories of their inner and outer lives through art, she can facilitate clients to insights and emotional clearing that can enhance their ability to deal with stress, process traumatic experience and enhance their capacity for greater self-awareness and social interaction.  Clinical Art Therapy involves the full participation of the client, perhaps more so than a number of other therapeutic approaches.


                 To learn more, please call or email Andrea directly: 805 723 4433


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