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About Bob Kamm

Born in New York City in 1947, Bob Kamm is a man of broad life experience that has served him well as a strategic business consultant specializing in leadership development and organizational change. For more than twenty years he has worked with individuals across many fields including show business, healthcare, the hospitality industry, retail sales, manufacturing, electronics, the performing arts, the military, real estate, psychology, audiology, Olympic competition, and the faculty of Imago Relationships International as well as with organizations small, medium and Fortune 500.  While he has worked with both men and women, Bob has developed a particular expertise working with men across the full spectrum of their lives--personal and business--to help them achieve a level of balance and integration that had previously been beyond their grasp.


A recognized thought-leader, Bob has focused on helping his clients create the high performance work communities that truly honor the humanity of all stakeholders and customers.  Having been a single father, he was nurturing "family-friendly" organizations long before the term was popularized.  He has facilitated thousands of hours of group and individual meetings using original material developed in direct response to his client’s personal and professional needs.  As an offshoot of these seminars and meetings, leaders began asking increasingly for one on one time.  To answer that need, Bob created an entire personal coaching process that begins with a 3-day intensive retreat in which he spends a total of more than 24 hours on secluded beaches and dunes getting deep into personal and professional issues.  A further outgrowth of this process, again at clients' requests, was a similar intensive for couples.  


Through this work, many leaders have achieved breakthrough thinking in how to weave together the tactical, strategic and cultural dynamics of their lives and their organizations.  Bob has published numerous articles in business magazines and has been seen on CNN and numerous other TV and radio venues.  He has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Washington Post .  He is the author of four books, The Superman Syndrome: How the Information Age Threatens Your Future and What You Can Do About It (2000),  Real Fatherhood, the Path of Lyrical Parenting (2002) and Lyric Heart, Poems and Other Musings (2007), Love Over 60: Later the hour, sweeter the moment (2010). 


In July of 2007, Bob and Andrea met and set in motion a relationship and shared passion that sent Bob back to school.  He is now a Certified Imago Educator, a Certified Imago Couples Workshop Presenter, Singles Workshop Presenter and Parenting Coach.  With this study, he has achieved the necessary knowledge to assist her in her Imago work in both marriage counseling and couples counseling, as well as work with singles.  Together, they created the San Luis Relationship Institute in 2009 to combine their efforts to help people achieve and maintain loving consciousness across the complete landscape of their lives and relationships.    To read Bob's Project for Certification as an Imago Educator, click here:


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